How To Get Challenge Coins

Ancient challenge coin are prized by antique collectors because they hold a special value and symbolism. Some people are growing to become enthusiasts of challenge coins because aside from the impeccable materials used to make it, they also hold a story that represents character or unity. The stories behind antique challenge coin are unique and this is one of the reasons why coin enthusiasts retrieve these medallions as a treasured keepsake.

Challenge coin are representations of a lifetime, a mission, and a trait. It is easier to acquire these coins now because there are several organizations that distribute challenge coins to their members for various reasons.

Challenge CoinsUnless you have a relative who served in the military or you are a part of the military unit yourself, it’s hard to acquire legitimate challenge coin. You have to investigate living connections of American soldiers, Ancient Roman warriors and Vietnamese guerrillas if you want information on where you can find this noble memento. While it may sound like a lot of work, it is not entirely impossible.

If you are a budding challenge coin collector and you’re on a pursuit to find some of these treasured relics, here are some ways on how you can acquire these medallions.

Ask Your Grandparents

If antique challenge coin are what you’re searching for, then go the simplest route and ask your grandparents about it. There is a possibility that your grandparents may have served at the army during their time or your great grandparents did. Ask them properly if they still have these valued medallions in their treasure chest, and promise that you’ll take care of it the same way they did.

Look for former military personnel

You know the drill: you interrogate your grandparents on whether their military friends are still around, and then you find them. It’s simple and easy. But, you always have to keep in mind that these people hold these medallions very close to their hearts because they remind them of an era. Old people are sentimental and rightfully so. If they are playing hard to get but you know they are just teasing you, bargain with them. If they really can’t let the medallions go, just respect it.

Buy Coins

If you have invested enough money for this kind of hobby, then you can visit every vintage store and ask them if they sell challenge coins. Older medallions might cost a fortune so it’s important to look for every other seller so you can compare. You can also visit online stores that offer antique challenge coin in a considerable price.

Attend Coin Collector Events and Exhibits

Coin exhibits are exactly the place where you can witness rustically legit challenge coin that have gone through all walks of life. This is also the place where you can meet fellow military coin zealots who devote their whole lives to these types of treasure hunts. However, there is a chance that most of these fellow collectors that you’ll meet won’t let you have their precious items. Try being the smooth talker and negotiate with them so you’ll not go home empty-handed. See if you can trade some of your medallions to some of theirs. You will learn more information about antique coins that way.

Find Your Own Institution

Challenge coins aren’t just exclusive to military units these days. There are musical institutions, sports team and other clubs which award their members special challenge coins when they show note-worthy accomplishments. You’ll not only gain medallions this way, you’ll also engage yourself in other worthwhile hobbies while enhancing your social skills.

Enter the Military

If you really want it, then have it the hard way. Joining and serving in the military is the best way that you can earn these legit medallions. It might seem grand that you have to go through all the hardship just for a coin but it’s also worth-noting that you’ll be doing service to your country. You never know, it might even be the president who will award you with a special coin if you do enough good. Now that is more rewarding.

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