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  • How to Make Safety Presentations Interesting by Being Enthusiastic

    Safety presentations are much easier to do when managers read what is written in books or safety rules, but of course, this is not a good idea. It will just bore the employees. The books are merely a guide, an analysis of key points regarding safety in the workplace. So, what would really make a good safety presentation and how can anyone make it engaging? Keeping the employees involved by being enthusiastic in safety discussions is a good way to satisfy them. Enthusiasm does not only mean having strong opinions on things, but it’s also a kind of happiness. Sure enough, different speakers have different levels of enthusiasm, and various meetings call for different tactics. Moreover, enthusiasm in discussing safety is not just about talking fast and aloud. It is letting out an animated spirit in the form of vocal variety and gestures. Vocal Variety The inner convictions of a presenter about a safety topic can fly high up above, but the employees will not believe it if his voice stays below the ground. The presenter must change the power, speed of his words, and the pitch of his voice. This does not mean that he would sound like an energetic fitness trainer selling products on a commercial as that may irritate the employees. However, the presenter must let the employees hear some energy in his words. Movements By tradition, not just in safety presentations, the presenter must stay in one place all the time when speaking. This is not right