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    The funeral service is an integral part in the whole process of grieving for the loss of a loved one. It is an essential process, especially for those who are left behind. When you look at history, funerals have always been regarded as a sacred rite for all cultures and religions. A typical ritual for a deceased person is usually composed of the visitation, the memorial service, and the burial service.  The visitation and memorial service is typically done in a funeral home, while the burial is done in a cemetery or columbarium. These days, there are professionals who take care of the range of services typically included in the passing away of a person.  Whether the deceased prefers a burial or cremation, many things still have to be prepared and arranged. Prior to the discovery of the science of embalming and the emergence of mortuaries, families took care of their dead. The deceased is typically dressed and arranged by loved ones and the body placed in a homemade coffin. It will then be displayed in the parlor of the family home for neighbors and friends to pay their final respects. The burial typically takes place in the family plot. It is not until the mid-1800s that the emergence of professional services took place. Embalming has become an accepted practice, and burial plots have moved to park-like settings. People prefer different types of burial services, and it is important to take these preferences into consideration. Pre-planning is the best way to