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  • How To Get Challenge Coins

    Ancient challenge coin are prized by antique collectors because they hold a special value and symbolism. Some people are growing to become enthusiasts of challenge coins because aside from the impeccable materials used to make it, they also hold a story that represents character or unity. The stories behind antique challenge coin are unique and this is one of the reasons why coin enthusiasts retrieve these medallions as a treasured keepsake. Challenge coin are representations of a lifetime, a mission, and a trait. It is easier to acquire these coins now because there are several organizations that distribute challenge coins to their members for various reasons. Unless you have a relative who served in the military or you are a part of the military unit yourself, it’s hard to acquire legitimate challenge coin. You have to investigate living connections of American soldiers, Ancient Roman warriors and Vietnamese guerrillas if you want information on where you can find this noble memento. While it may sound like a lot of work, it is not entirely impossible. If you are a budding challenge coin collector and you’re on a pursuit to find some of these treasured relics, here are some ways on how you can acquire these medallions. Ask Your Grandparents If antique challenge coin are what you’re searching for, then go the simplest route and ask your grandparents about it. There is a possibility that your grandparents may have served at the army during their time or your great grandparents did. Ask them

  • Badge Lanyards: When Security is a Huge Concern

    Some people do not know what to call them; they are usually called ID laces or the strings that people wear for their badge. These badge lanyards are an integral part of a company or an office building’s security measures. For one, it helps assure an individual of working and being in an establishment that is secure and concerned for everyone’s well-being. They are actually used in more ways than one. These are usually customizable. Some have the name of the company printed all over the string that is made into a loop with the use of a clip at the bottom. Then a pass or identification card can easily be attached for faster identification. This is used primarily to ensure that everyone in that enters the building are authorized to be in there. They are better rather than putting the ID cards in a wallet or pocket, which can cause damage to the magnetic strip on the card. These are useful especially when a company has thousands of employees entering day in and day out. One of the most brilliant things done by a multinational company is to give each department distinguishing color badge lanyards so that it is easier for security personnel to identify employees. This technique prevents long queuing at the entrance. Badge lanyards have been used for years. It is an old design just being given an overhaul. There is nothing special about how they are made. Today, several innovations have been made, like having the strings