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  • Basic Types of Badge Cases or Holders for Employees

    Most companies require their employees and executives to wear an ID card or badge whenever they are in the company’s premises, or even in company- sponsored events. This serves not only as a security measure but also as a means to easily identify which department or section an employee belongs to. This is especially important in big and international corporations, which are known to employ hundreds, or even thousands, of people. Many corporations require that their employees use company-provided badge holders and lanyards. Most of the time, the lanyard contains the company’s name and its official colors. The company’s logo may also be included in the lanyard, if there is enough space. The badge holder can also have the company’s logo printed at the back. Corporations do this to make their employees’ look more standard and professional. Although this is the case for most companies, there are also those who allow their people to choose which strap or case they could slip their ID card into. For those who need to choose which case to use, below are the three basic types of badge holders that they can pick from: 1. Badge holders with slots. This is the most common type of ID case or holder, and it usually goes with a lanyard. A badge strap clip is an alternative means to clip the badge or ID using this holder. A badge case with slot is usually made of hard plastic or vinyl, making it a good choice if one wants