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  • How PCB Fabrication Changed the World of Technology

    The world of technology has come a long way from its initial beginnings. The things that used to be mocked for being useless inventions have turned into the necessities that people can no longer live without. All the development in technology paved the way for the creation of better electronic devices that often have multiple functions. A phone is no longer just a phone. It is also a calendar, a camera, a notepad, and a miniature computer all rolled into one device. What’s more, these modern devices are also more compact than their predecessors. PCB fabrication lies at the heart of all the development in technology. The PCB or printed circuit board has given device manufacturers more space for innovation. This is because the PCB has simplified the way that the internal mechanical and electronic mechanisms of these devices function. Whereas televisions used to have bulky frames in order to make way for all the wires that connect here, there, and everywhere, nowadays TVs are small and light enough to be hung on the wall. PCB fabrication involves the following steps: 1.Creating the schematic diagram on how the components and connections would be arranged on the circuit board. 2.Printing the design onto the board. This part can be tricky, since any error when drawing the design could mean an error in mounting the components. PCB manufacturers are also very careful not to leave any inkblots, regardless if it’s as small as a period, on the board. This is because the inkblot