Badge Lanyards: When Security is a Huge Concern

Some people do not know what to call them; they are usually called ID laces or the strings that people wear for their badge. These badge lanyards are an integral part of a company or an office building’s security measures. For one, it helps assure an individual of working and being in an establishment that is secure and concerned for everyone’s well-being.

They are actually used in more ways than one. These are usually customizable. Some have the name of the company printed all over the string that is made into a loop with the use of a clip at the bottom. Then a pass or identification card can easily be attached for faster identification. This is used primarily to ensure that everyone in that enters the building are authorized to be in there. They are better rather than putting the ID cards in a wallet or pocket, which can cause damage to the magnetic strip on the card.

Badge LanyardsThese are useful especially when a company has thousands of employees entering day in and day out. One of the most brilliant things done by a multinational company is to give each department distinguishing color badge lanyards so that it is easier for security personnel to identify employees. This technique prevents long queuing at the entrance.

Badge lanyards have been used for years. It is an old design just being given an overhaul. There is nothing special about how they are made. Today, several innovations have been made, like having the strings printed with the company name; before, it was just a simple string with the ID card or badge at the bottom clip. Now that they are highly customizable, companies and manufacturers can play up different styles and designs.

They also come in different materials. The traditional material is still a popular choice, polyester lanyards. Nylon lanyards are considered to be durable materials. There are new styles and designs, like the tubular lanyards that are shoestring-styled lanyards. The woven lanyards can carry the logo and the company name without being erased after long use. Versatility is what the dye sublimated lanyards offer, these come in full color are can come in different colors and designs.

It is now easier to order and customize badge lanyards, which is an additional benefit for companies. There are a lot of online shops that offer easy online choosing and designing and once orders are placed, they are immediately made and shipped to your address.

Most of these online shops offer easy-to-use online design maker. You also don’t need to be an expert graphic designer because there are sample artworks and designs that you can use as templates and the shop will print them just the way you want. They also offer online assistance with customer service people who are only too willing to be of help.

Customizable lanyards areBadge Lanyard popular these days because giving them away is an excellent marketing strategy for companies. While lanyards are mainly used for security purposes, they are the best way to showcase your company’s brand. When employees wear them outside, that’s already free exposure for the brand. It is like shooting two birds with one stone. The use of lanyards is an excellent marketing ploy that actually works without spending too much on advertisements.

Aside from having employees use them, companies utilize these badge lanyards as giveaways during outside campaigns, job fairs, exhibits, and as customer loyalty giveaways. They are inexpensive and they are not like flyers and brochures that potential customers can simply discard if they are not interested. With the lanyards, customers can use them to hold cellular phones, keys, and other important stuff that are always misplaced. These lanyards are probably among the best inventions for the office: a security and marketing tool in one!

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